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Alpaca Yarn - Sport Weight

Menagerie Hill Ranch Presents

This yarn was carefully processed by Eddie Van Hout (lot 18-18 & 18-31) at Fireball Alpacas and I make Yarn in Caldwell, ID, and at the Mill Creek Fiber Works (Lot 16-5) in Oakhurst, CA. Each fleece was evaluated for quality & potential use. After skirting & sorting by grade, it was washed, picked, & carded to produce the light, fluffy roving that hand spinners love. The roving was then spun into yarn that feels luxurious regardless of grade due to the initial sorting.

Product Specifications
Product Specs Two Ply Sport Weight Alpaca Yarn.
Skeins approx. 200 yds.
All Natural Colors - No Dyes.
Lot 18-36: White, approx. 2. 4 oz - $18.50
Lot 18-25: True Black, approx. 3.1 oz - $22.00
Lot 18-30: Med Silver Grey, approx. 3.0 oz - $22.00
Terms & Conditions

All prices are plus tax and shipping (if needed). Note product QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED. So please contact us before ordering more than two of the same item. Call (707.290.7915) or e-mail [email protected].