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Alpaca Photo Shoots

Call to Order: 707.290.7915
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Each photo shoot is different. Contact us for a free quote.
We've been having increasing interest in using alpacas as a fun prop in special photos such as engagement photos and for other special occasions. Our property has gorgeous views, especially in the spring when things are green, but also into the summer with views of golden oak studded hills. We offer alpacas for your photo shoot here at the ranch, or at the location of your choice. Check out some of our photo albums for ideas.

The alpaca top knots (heads) can sometimes become shaggy between shearing times. You have the option of using them in "pasture condition" or (for an additional fee) we can trim them up so they look like they've been to the barber recently.

We encourage you to visit the ranch to help decide how you want to compose your photos.