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Menagerie Hill Ranch

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Alpaca Care the Way You Expect!


Pricing: $3.25 per Day.

Additional services available at cost plus 10%.

Breeding to unrestricted herdires on site at $500.
Call for Details: 707.290.7915 (Deb's cell)

Service Description

Service includes all feed, water, and basic husbandry (nail trimming, weight check, parasite check & prevention, annual vaccination, vitamins/probiotics when needed). We also provide birthing and basic halter training. Owners are welcome to visit at any time to learn more about caring for their alpacas.

We feed local orchard grass hay and Derwydd's blend of Bar Ale pellets. All necessary minerals are included. We stock alfalfa hay as a supplement for dams in late stages of pregnancy and nursing that need extra calories.

Shelters offer protection from stormy weather. Shade trees, shelters, and cooling tubs offer relief from hot summer days. Two llamas provide protection from predators.

We maintain a large number of medical and first aid supplies on hand in our tack room to meet usual husbandry and health needs. After more than 12 years in business, we've had experience with a variety of health and husbandry issues, so we are able to handle most situations without calling the vet. When needed we have three local vets available, Dr. Danny Mora, Dr. Anita Varga, and Dr. Nancy Martin.

Additional services available (at additional cost) include breeding, shearing, show training, veterinary services and other services as requested.

Terms of Service

Payment in advance is due on the 1st of the month, and delinquent on the 5th. A 15% penalty will acrue after the 10th of the month.