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Alpaca Care and Mentoring

Learn from our Experience & Receive On-Going Mentoring

Are You Interested in Owning Alpacas but Unsure How to Care For Them?

We invite prospective owners to visit us to learn about the alpacas and their housing needs, routine care, and feeding as well as lots of related topics. And we answer any question you may have. When you visit, we give you a list of resources for new owners including needed tack, tools and medicines; helpful books, websites where supplies can be purchased, and basic healthcare info. These visits are free.

Then when you take delivery, whether its here or at your location, we show you how to safely halter them and take care of routine husbandry tasks. These include trimming nails, checking fighting teeth (for males), administering preventative medications and dealing with other common issues.  

Are You Thinking about Breeding Alpacas?

Let us know when you visit and we can include info on how that works - it's different than other species.

There are two basic options for getting started:

  1. You can purchase females that are already bred.
  2. We can breed open females for you before delivery.
    *Note: we don't transport newly pregnant females till they're 60 days gestation for safety of the pregnancy.

Then going forward you can either:

  1. Pay for breedings to males at other farms (or here).
  2. Or, if you buy both genders, you can do your own breedings. And we can explain how best to manage that.

Also note that one of the books referenced in the resources list is a neonatal care book that details what to expect when they give birth.

What if We Need Help after the Purchase?

Our goal with the initial coaching is that you will be able to handle most issues yourselves. We had a fantastic mentor starting out and we aim to pay that forward! You will, of course, need to find a verinarian that is willing to treat (and is hopeully experienced in) alpacas. Note that not all are.

In the event that you encounter a situation you're unsure how to handle, please feel free to reach out. We're happy to coach you through it and/or reach out to someone that can. We have lots of supportive contacts that have been helpful with the situations we've been unsure of. 

This mentoring service is included with your purchase price.

Ready to See What We Have Available?

Click the button below to be taken to the sales list. Note that we also have many Foundation Females and Herdsires that are not in the sales list because we haven't decided what we would sell them for. These are our very best alpacas that are still improving the herd. So we would be asking more for them than many of those in the sales list. Please do reach out if you are interested.

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