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A Merry Menagerie - Fibershed Article

Tucked in the golden, rolling hills just north of Vacaville, California, Menagerie Hill Ranch is a small, family run alpaca ranch. Deb Galway and Kirk Howard, the owners and operators, started keeping animals with just a few sheep to keep the grass down some twenty years ago.

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Lola's Diorama

This spring, a neighbor's 4th grade daughter came for a visit. Her class had an assignment to visit a farm and learn about what they do and how they operate. Then they were to build a diorama and write a report. Lola had a lot of fun learning about the farm and the alpacas and loved how soft the fleece is. Check out the pictures of Lola's Diorama and report. It is too cute!

A New Article on Meet the Sheep

A couple of weeks ago Winter King visited the ranch, wanting to add a piece about us to her blog. We had a great visit and now she's posted her work on Meet the Sheep. We really enjoyed reading about us from her perspective and thought you would too! Oh, and she got some cute pix, too. You can see it at:

Home Schoolers Visit the Farm!

This weekend we had some home schoolers (and their moms) visit the farm. They had a great time and one of them wrote a report on their visit. We thought it was cute and decided to post it below.

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn. I am a student at Heritage Peak, in Vacaville. My mom is in love with knitting. She decided that she wanted to make a shawl out of alpaca yarn, and when I say alpaca yarn I m

Benefits of Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca Fiber is:
•Lighter than sheep's wool. Garments are lighter and more comfortable.
•Warmer than sheep's wool. The hollow shaft actss an insulator to hold in body heat.
•Hypoalergenic. The hair structure does not have barbs that can prick your skin.
•Not covered in lanolyn that must be chemically removed during processing. Any remaining lanolyn gives the item an odor.
•Does not absorb moisture so your skin stays dry.
•7 times stronger that sheep's wool. Product


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